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Vers van die Dag

Want hoewel ons in die vlees wandel, voer ons die stryd nie volgens die vlees nie.


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Search for ‘The Evangelist Minstry’ in the Apple iStore or ‘The Evangelist’ by Kairos in the Google Play store and download the app.


Open the app and scan our barcode or enter our app name: EANDFM


The app will now be synced and locked to our app.


Evangelism and Fire Ministries is registered with the South African Revenue Services as a Public Benefit Organisation, and with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organisation. We are accountable to a Board who monitors us. The Board consists of three people who have had many years in ministry and are of impeccable character, wisdom and experience. We have appointed a registered accounting officer who oversees our financial matters through an annual financial review.

All major decisions are made during our Annual General Meetings Furthermore, we are in association with Christian Family Church International – Johannesburg and are accountable to them as our spiritual overseers.

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